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Sarvaguna provides affordable, wholesome meals, catering to the needs of mass consumption.

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Our Recipe are curated by chef, nutritionist, and food technicians with local ingredients

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Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen is a social business. We delivers good food* to public/private institutions where mass of consumers eat food such as schools and hospital canteens. It brings awareness to consumers regarding good, healthy, sustainable food that is local, farm to the table food. It offers vocational education and training to young people and offer jobs to underprivileged and marginalised.

Good Food means nutritious food that is healthy, tasty, produced in a nature-friendly way by farmers, fishers folks or food producers who got a decent price for their product. Good Food means nutritious meals prepared with empathy and respect, and deliver like a plate of hope to people in a moment of need.” – definition by UN

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You don't need to worry about your budget, because our food / menu is fairly priced.


Consuming our food / menu will meet your nutritional requirements. Calculated & Guaranteed.


Our food / menu is delivered to you at your demand on your location. No more hassles to eat healthy.


You can trace and track our food / menu ingredients so that you know where your food comes from and how it is processed/prepared. No artificial chemicals, preservatives etc.


We have initiated an open kitchen approach with traceable and trackable systems of each ingredient to clearly communicate to consumers what is in their products.

Areas we serve

Sarvaguna Private School's Catering Service offers nutritious and delicious meals for students and staff. Our menu features fresh, made-to-order dishes to meet various dietary restrictions. Fuel your mind and body with our high-quality, nourishing options.

Sarvaguna Public School's Catering Service is dedicated to serving nutritious and delicious meals that are inclusive of all tastes and dietary needs. A well-rounded and nutritious meal can help ensure that children have the energy and nutrients they need to focus and perform well in school.

Sarvaguna Hospital's Catering Service is dedicated to providing nourishing meals for all patients and staff, regardless of their dietary restrictions. Our menu features fresh, made-to-order dishes that are inclusive of different tastes and needs. From vegetarian options to gluten-free options, we have something for everyone. Experience the comfort of a nutritious meal during your hospital stay with Sarvaguna's Catering Service.

Sarvaguna offers bulk food delivery for businesses, events, and other large gatherings. Our menu features a variety of delicious and nutritious options that are made fresh and delivered straight to your door. We are dedicated to accommodating different tastes and dietary restrictions, so whether you need vegetarian options or gluten-free options, we have you covered. Enjoy hassle-free, high-quality food delivery with Sarvaguna.

5000 Plate's Per Day
500 SMEs Partner
10000 Farmers Connected